Friday, January 18, 2013

Sickness and Six Months of Marriage

I was astonished to realize last week that Clark and I were coming upon our anniversary of six months! Now, while I'm not one to celebrate every month that we remain a united couple, I couldn't help but pay honor to this anniversary with everything it brought about.
As I woke up to the sun rising Monday morning, I began to panic as Clark was still in bed when he should have been 30 minutes into his work day!  It appears that we, try as hard as I might, had been hit with the flu! Clark was going to spend our six month anniversary in bed with a stuffed nose, low fever and scratchy throat.  I, on the other hand, went to work thinking of this poor man:

I spent all week nursing him back to health and after three days of being ill, he finally went back to work.  I had successfully nursed my husband back to health the way I had always seen my mother doing for my father growing up.  What I was in no way expecting was to go to work the day Clark had started going back to work to feel the onset of my own flu.  Wonderful, wonderful week we've been having!

So here we are, the now-married-six-months Harrop's, fighting off the flu and counting on the other to return us to health.  If nothing else, I've learned this week that there is nothing more I love than to care for my husband; perhaps this is what eternal marriage is all about.

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