Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My New Year's Resolution

Once upon a time I started blogging, that was about four years ago.  I got so addicted to it I actually had to create a SECOND blog to seperate my travel tales from my regular life.  I haven't updated either blog in almost two years!

As you can imagine, so much has changed in that time!

My blogs before were meant to show off my travels and keep people updated on Where in the World is Sara D. Ray or to allow my family to know what was going on with this Gypsy College Kid. As I am no longer Sara D. Ray or a Gypsy College kid, it's time for something new. 

Instead of trying to go back and fix everything and decide where I wanted to continue from, I decided, it's time for a new blogspot! 

This blog isn't meant to attract readers, just to help me in my journalling and keeping fun memories at hand to share with friends and family. 

Here's to hoping I can stay more consistent with it than I did my last two and that I don't get so caught up in it that I forget about my amazingly patient husband.

Here's to the start of a new year and my Work in Progress!

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